Case Study

Know Your Audience


Project Info

At the onset of the digital boom, a small local college had the foresight to offer the experience and recognition of a campus degree online. This methodology proved so successful that the college experienced a digital boom of its own, quickly growing to become an internationally recognized university.


The Challenge

However, the university had difficulty delivering a unified voice to its quickly diverging audiences. Online and on-campus students have very different needs, motivations, and are often at different stages of their lives.


Technology Services


SilverTech was brought in by the University's internal agency to apply our prescient Lead to Loyal™ approach to the University's website redesign. By considering every digital touchpoint in the lifecycle of prospective students, students, alumni, staff, and internal users, we provided the perspective needed to solve problems for the end user at each stage of the website redesign project.


The Results

Taken as a whole, SilverTech's improvements to the University's website, consolidated the organization’s messaging into a single brand voice for online and on-campus.

In the month that followed the University's website launch, online applications completions were up 41.46% month-over-month, resulting in an increased conversion rate of 31.86%. Mobile applications increased 61.89%. Campus visit form requests were also up, 28.34% month-over-month (source: University's Data Team).

Clearly, the quick upshot indicated that users were hungry for they type of valuable, relevant digital experiences that lead to loyal relationships.

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